Why Gujju Love Navratri more than anything?


6 Reasons Why Gujju Love NAVRATRI

Truly we need not bother with motivations to clarify why gujju love navratri. It is as easy as breathing and similarly vital.So go ahead to perusing what makes us go gaga over this celebration.

ઓઢણી ઓઢું ઓઢું ને ઉડી જાય………..

એ હાલો………..

1) It comes after a year long wait.

We gujju want Navratri to start again just after a week of Dussehra. Yes, Yes just because we are Gujjus and we gujju love navratri so, we do not need reasons to do Garba and we do it all round the year but we alsways sat that! “bhai Navratri toh ek aj vaar aavey ne, ema to garba karva j pade ne.”

2) Longest Festival and different cloths to wear!

Shopping is compulsory in NAVRATRI just because we gujju love navratri and the argument “Last year na kapda to perata hase”  is completely valid so just Shussh!

3) Party full night!

In days of Navratri. Gujju spend whole night to playing garba without single break, and eventually our parent don’t mind that in time of Navratri.

4) Time for ROMANCE !

The best feeling ever in navratri is “your loved one matching you in dance step of GARBA“. Too much fun & Exitment…..

5) Why should ladies have all the fun in navratri !

In days of NAVRATRI, even busiest gujju man can’t stop them self to play GARBA, busiest person take sometime from their busy life to enjoy festival of Navratri.


Yes here is the most favorite type of GUJJU’S  dance form “SANEDO“, whom so ever want to miss “SANEDO” in days of NAVRATRI. Gujju love “Sanedo…..Sanedo….Lal Lal Sanedo…”

SANEDO is dessert of Navratri! “Chalo badha besi jao tane”…..Sanedo Sanedo……..

Eager to play GARBA – Welcome Navratri 2016!

E halo……………..

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