5 SHOCKING details that Kangana Ranaut hinted about her FIGHT with Hrithik Roshan!


Whenever Kangana Ranaut speaks in a public forum, you better stop everything and listen to what she has to say. For here is a lady who has no qualms speaking out her heart, even if that means certain close-minded people trolling her for doing so.When she speaks, there is no hint of being politically correct or being diplomatic – she is just bindaas! Even if she is not right all the time (come on, who is?), she is proud of her own work, and doesn’t hesitate to take on people who are loggerheads with her even on a public forum. We might remember that infamous incident when Kangana Ranaut inferred to Hrithik Roshan as a ‘silly ex’ furring a press con, when she was asked whether Hrithik had a hand in ousting her from Aashiqui 3. This lead to a very dirty battle as both Kangana and Hrithik’s lawyers began to throw accusations of public slandering at each other. Kangana (or her lawyer) spoke a lot about her relationship with Hrithik Roshan, while the latter chose to stay mum. Then a lot more shocking revelations came out, when Kangana’s ex, Adhyayan Suman spoke about certain disturbing details about the two time National award winning actress. Though his story was not believed in its entirety, it gave a lot of fodder to the gossip-hungry media. Then all went quiet….….until now, when Kangana Ranaut was invited as a guest speaker as the Mind Rocks 2016 fest on the panel of feminism. She did spoke a lot about her views on feminism, but in between she also hinted about her alleged relationship with the Mohenjo Daro star. You can find her entire speech here, but we have segregated 5 most shocking details she had hinted for you.

1. She revealed that, unlike what the media was covering about the legal circus, no legal proceedings were actually initiated against her or any case was filed against her. Guess that means their lawyers were just passing time sending each other legal notice.
2. She was given a lot of threats and also slut-shamed while the entire fiasco was going on. But she didn’t reveal whether it was Hrithik Roshan himself or his fans who did the slandering.
3. She said she was under a feminist pressure to tell the world the sob story that she had. But she didn’t do so as she was in a consensual equation with an individual (guess who?) and she was capable of dealing with the stuff.
4. She doesn’t want him to acknowledge their relationship in public anymore, and nor does she believe in keeping, in her own words, sperm panties and gifts as ‘potential evidence for the future when he is trying to escape or say no’. WOW! We didn’t expect that.
5. She believes that if any individual wants nothing to do with her and feels ashamed of her, to get rid of me, the only thing she will say to that individual is goodbye.