Google Allo : Messaging App for I-phone & Android


Google Allo- Messaging App from Google

Messaging for mobile users I-phone & Android Users

As we all know now a days mobile application are very useful for our daily lifestyle, and we all have at least one messaging app in our mobile (Whats App). we are daily use one of the messaging app to stay connected with our family, friends and everyone via messaging app.


  1. Easy to use
  2. classical graphic design
  3. Lovely & cute stickers
  4. Messaging
  5. Photo Sharing
  6. Map location sharing
  7. Smart Reply Option
  8. Express yourself with photos, emojis and stickers
  9. web search via Google assistance


Express yourself & your emotions with photos, emojis and stickers

In google Allo you can messaging via chat. images. emojis, stickers and many thing more. you can make text small, large by simple way. you can also scribbling photographs before you send to your friends. so by using google Allo app you can express your emotion with stickers, emojis and many more option in Google Allo.

Personal Google Assistance

Google Offer you personal Google Assistance, which will help you in many ways. if you are asking Google Assistance “Latest Bollywood Movies” it will return you list of Bollywood movies. you can search any thing with help of Google Personal Assistance while stay in application, you need not to go out of application for web search.

you need not left the chat and search on google, Google assistance will search on behalf of you meanwhile you are chat. this is one of the best feature of Google Allo



Google Allo is based on end to end Encryption using encryption technology Transport  Layer Security (TLS) with INCOGNITO MODE. All of messages have end-to-end encryption, security and additional privacy provided like discreet notifications and message expiration. best security offers by google in this application.


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