Mobile Phone in Pant Pocket Damage A lot


Mobile Phone Pant Pocket

Most people prefer to keep their Mobile Phone Pant Pocket. This is a comfortable and easy, and the biggest thing is that you do not even see anyone hurt than-arum. But is that the only proven in a scientific study to be a threat to masculinity Having smart phone pants pocket.

Read this article and you will not put your mobile phone pant pocket.

Radiation that hit the far STORE DNA damage in sperm may survive.

But now Australia’s Newcastle university has proved through his research confirms this.

The study has been said that, radio frequency inundation damage reproductive organ of electromagnetic radiation mail. Including mail both affect sperm mobility and availabilities. Scientists have made a review of 27 studies have so far been found to be mobile radiation and sperm damage in 21 of them. He was ten studies examining 1,492 samples match.

Mobile Phone Pant Pocket

According to the results of sperm mobility and sperm availability declined by 8 per cent to 9 per cent.

The call of the World Health Organisation in 2011, expressed the possibility that radiation can cause cancer. But so far had not been proven by scientific research. Said Dr. Joel Markovitz scientific media of Newcastle University, the study is an important step in obtaining risk information to be phones. It has been made clear that men should keep the phone in his pants pocket. He said that the radiation damage than-arum The more sperm will be much greater.