Shah Rukh Khan is one of the finest person I’ve worked with, says Rohit Shetty!


Recently a video of Rohit Shetty’s candid confessions in an interview got everyone talking including us. The filmmaker was on Komal Nahta’s chat show where he discussed everything from his bestest bonds in Bollywood, to his favourite kind of films and the non performance of Dilwale. The filmmaker is known for his honest opinions and is not the one to shy away from calling a spade a spade. However, seems like he was misunderstood for what he said about Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s pairing in the film. The Golmaal director said, “I know what went wrong with Dilwale. My conviction went wrong. This is the only film I didn’t make with my conviction. I got scared with Shah Rukh and Kajol’s chemistry.” The filmmaker added, “I had to cater to SRK Kajol fans. The original script was something else and I changed it. I wasn’t asked to change it.”He further confirmed that the original Dilwale script was something else, he said, “If i’ll give you the original script you’ll fall on the floor laughing. It was a three hero film, a story about three brother. Kajol’s character was very small and she had four to five scenes that too in flashback.”The idea that Rohit had in mind was to “to make it very stylised gone in 60 seconds type of past” And he added, “We went wrong in that.” And Rohit concluded by saying, “Conviction bina kuch nahin karna chahiye.”we got in touch with Rohit Shetty who was clearly hurt by all speculations about rift between him and SRK.

The filmmaker said, “Shah Rukh Khan is one of the finest producers and human beings I’ve worked with.” The filmmaker also added, “I’ve never said something like that (blamed Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s pairing for Dilwale‘s non performance). I would never attribute it to that.” Rohit clearly shares a special bond with Shah Rukh and from the way he spoke it was obvious that there’s no bad blood between the two. The filmmaker was saddened by all reports that suggested otherwise. In an EXCLUSIVE chat the filmmaker also insisted that if he ever made a statement he would stick by it and in this case it was not so.Shah Rukh Khan has always spoken fondly about Rohit, in an earlier interview Khan had said, “I am glad that I am working with Rohit Shetty. He is a brand himself. There are very few directors who are like that. I feel fortunate to work with him. Together, we are competitive.” And the duo share a mutual admiration club it seems, coz the filmmaker had some very nice things to say about SRK, “When you work with people who are successful, you realise that it’s not just luck and hard work. Their attitude towards life and work is what that makes them such big actors and directors.”