Sumona Chakravarti wants us to ask Kapil about why she has little to do on The Kapil Sharma Show


The kapil sharma show

The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the hit comedy shows in television today. Every character is super hilarious and we love watching them time and again, well their comedy is surely stress buster. But in the latest episodes we have been missing Sumona Chakravarti. Earlier in Comedy Nights with Kapil she played Kapil’s wife and now in The Kapil Sharma Show she plays the role of his love interest.
While she has been missing, an entertainment portal managed to ask her why we don’t get to see her often in the show. Sumona said, “I don’t know. We have shot many gags and there are many of my episodes in the bank. I had also gone to Switzerland, so I missed quite a few episodes when Salman Khan and other celebrities were on the show. When they will air my slot is a call the creative guys will take. I just love my work and don’t think of anything else.”She further said. “I am just a part of the team and I follow the script. I don’t get into that aspect of how much air time they are slotting for me. That’s a question you should ask Kapil Sharma,”. With this answer one can make out that all is not well between them and we wonder what happened. Now we have to wait for Kapil to clarify on his part.